CUG - Advanced Composite Manufacturer

Allow CUG to free you to manage... and let us do the work!

FROM CONCEPT TO FINISHED PRODUCT, CUG fabricates components and assemblies for customers needing the high strength and low-weight properties of advanced composites materials. Composites Universal Group production offers advantages in aerospace, aviation, transportation, energy generation and patient transportation markets.

Certified, AS9100 quality systems for Prototyping to volume production of Carbon Fiber, E-Glass, Fiberglass, Kevlar and other FRP composite components means that Composites Universal Group merits your consideration as a manufacturing partner.
Composites Tools and Pattern making
Your project will find the shortest path between the drawing board and production when you make CUG your production partner.  Efficiency equals Economy and Quality!  We provide you with both, every time!
Rapid Composites Prototypes
Production and Assembly Services
Low to medium volume  
High quality
AS9100 / ISO9001 certified

 "We are in the business of bringing ideas to life"